A Fond Farewell to Nestware

February 11, 2014

Many choose to live in Davis because of the “sense of place”. So many communities have lost their center of activity in favor of strip malls and chain stores, you know the story…but Davis feels unique particularly because of the great downtown filled with original stores and places to eat.


Photo courtesy of Nestware’s website

Davis shop owners Lynne and Rosalie have decided to close their gorgeous store, Nestware, after a 10 year run. I will dearly miss their carefully edited whimsical selection of gifts and home accessories. I will miss the artistic displays and wonderful colorful stories. Most of all I will miss the ability to walk in to Nestware and be greeted by two of the most interesting women I have met. While shopping we would often have great conversations, I would leave the store feeling better, wiser or knowing I just had the best giggle of the day.

 Thank you, Lynne and Rosalie, for all of your hard work to make Davis’ downtown even stronger! Thank you for your countless hours spent on committees, your strong belief in local business and your friendship. I wish you the very best in all that comes next!

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Tales of Remodeling a Tudor: It’s All in the Details

February 5, 2014

I always love hearing about a former client’s experiences in their new houses, especially when it involves making it their own through renovation and various improvements, and thought you might enjoy hearing the same about our home. We moved into a wonderful 1940s Tudor on a tree lined street about a year and half ago. Our home is in good shape and not a total fixer but lacked some details that truly make a home special.

In the first year we pulled up carpet to expose the original hardwood floors, which we refinished.

Knobs hallway

We added crown molding around the house, painted the living room a wonderful white and, because it’s all in the details we added a tiny touch of wallpaper to make an impact.



We added cabinet hardware to the kitchen, tile in the front entry, and wainscoting to the dining room.

dining again

I am fortunate to know some amazing trades people (I am more than happy to pass along names!) and found that the work that was done added much needed character to the home. This year we hope to remodel the one full bathroom, details to come at a later date!

What did you find to be the most worthwhile improvement you made to your property?

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January 29, 2014

My glassy baby

I ADORE these beautiful hand-blown glass votives from glassybaby but found it impossible to pick a color from their website so when I heard a store was opening in San Francisco I had to go…

glassy baby shop

The company was founded in 1998 by Lee Rhodes, a young mom of three who was fighting what would become a seven year battle with cancer. She created these little vessels and found that it gave her hope and a feeling of healing in her home. Fast forward to today and the story of success is truly inspiring. A portion of every sale goes to cancer charities; shortly that amount will be two million dollars! These votives would be the perfect Valentine’s Day or house-warming gift!

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The Park Moderns

January 24, 2014

Have you heard about THE PARK MODERNS in West Sacramento?

property 4

I’m so excited to see this community go “vertical” in The Bridge District of West Sacramento. The Park Moderns are a game changer and only the start of a new and vibrant urban place to live. The single family detached homes are being constructed to circle a wonderful park which in turn creates community. The front porches, fire pits, abundance of glass, and a unique look for each facade are some of the great features.

prop 2

There are no cookie cutter looks here! The developers of this project have a history of bringing award winning design to Sacramento; they are responsible for one of my favorite projects, and where I lived for a number of years: the Sutter Brownstones in Midtown.

prop 1

This is amazing architecture and the homes come fully upgraded, many of the homes are well priced under 400k! Presales have already begun and nine are already in contract!

If you are interested I’d love to take you on a tour of The Park Moderns, lets talk!

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7 Lessons Learned from the 2013 Real Estate Market

January 15, 2014


Kims postcard

2013 proved to be an extraordinary year and I am truly grateful for the wonderful clients I had the opportunity to work with. Through the opportunities this year I’ve learned so much, and have narrowed down my list to the top seven lessons I, and my buyers and sellers, have learned this past year that will hopefully help you in 2014:

Screen Captures

1. When inventory becomes tight expect multiple offers. Buyers should be ready with their highest and best offer if they really want a certain property.

2. Interest rates can rise quickly so have a conversation with your mortgage professional on when/how to lock in your interest rate.

3. Not only are the buyer and seller involved in setting the value on a home but the appraiser as well. Many homes appraised below agreed upon value and sellers were surprised to find that purchase prices were being re-negotiated. Sellers should be well prepared with lists of improvement/upgrades and their own comparable property list if necessary.

4. 17 day loan contingencies are often not long enough in the current lending environment. When writing your offer a more realistic time period would be 21 days.

5. Interest rates below 4 percent will likely not been seen again for a long time. But rates are still at historic lows, it’s time to buy!

6. There is a lot of buyer remorse for not buying in 2012. See point #5… purchase now before rates go even higher.

7. Paperwork and paper trails are the reality of getting a home loan. Be prepared and do not move money in and out of checking accounts without first speaking to your mortgage professional.

To get the best deal, be prepared, be realistic and work with a hardworking, professional real estate agent!

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Door Knockers of Florence

January 9, 2014

I went to Europe for the first time this past year and it was everything I imagined… ten fold. Most of our trip was in Italy and the visual beauty was staggering. I walked the streets with a constant smile on my face.


With my iPhone in hand it became so much fun to photograph the small vignettes of everyday beauty such as bicycles, narrow alleys, window boxes and laundry hung from a window. I loved the beauty of the old front doors and their functional but also interesting door knockers.

I LOVE architecture, gardens and houses (perfect skill set for a Realtor, right?) and oh, did Europe deliver on presenting me with beautiful things to explore at every corner!

Door for Kim

Where did you explore in 2013? What’s ahead in 2014?

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March 9, 2012

2012 is the year of the short sale. As an agent, one of your most valuable business tools is the understanding of how to help underwater homeowners avoid foreclosure. Don’t make the mistake of believing these myths:

Myth #1: The homeowner must fall behind on mortgage payments in order to qualify for a short sale. (more…)

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1323 East Sutter Sacramento, CA

September 6, 2011

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Real Estate Wordle

August 17, 2011

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Word Cloud

August 17, 2011

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